Dear customers,

Veerle's Creative Corner will have to close for a while due to an operation. 

The shop will be closed from Thursday 10/09 to 20/09 

An appointment can be made again from Monday 21/09 Subject to change !! 

As for the webshop, it will also be closed from Thursday 10/09 to Tuesday 17/09 

Online orders will be processed again from Wednesday 18/09. 

However, I ask for your understanding, it will be a slower handling than you are used to because I am still in my recovery period. 

I will have help from my husband but since he is not used to this work it will be slower. 

I will use the coming days to make some inspiration for you so that you can still see nice things on my video channel during this period. The videos will be scheduled and will come online automatically. 

I would love to see you again later. 

Creative greetings, 



Welcome to "Veerle's creative corner". Design your own greeting cards! What started as a fun hobby, quickly became my passion. That passion, I would like to share with you. Therefore, you may contact me for workshops. The emphasis is on fun and creativity.

Veerle's Creatieve HoekjeVeerle's Creatieve HoekjeVeerle's Creatieve Hoekje

Because you probably also want to get started at home, "Veerle's Creative Corner" provides also a basic range of known brands as well as for the more exclusive products and materials. This can be both during the workshop as well as through my webshop. This at a competitive price.

Take a look around and find out which products are used in the different workshops. You will also notice that example cards are regularly placed with the materials. 

Have fun and find some inspiration and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

There are new products added daily. If you can not find something, feel free to contact me. Very likely I can send you the requested product. 

Please do not forget to request your loyalty card !

Cordial greetings,


A few more examples?

Veerle's Creatieve HoekjeVeerle's Creatieve Hoekje

Veerle's Creatieve HoekjeVeerle's Creatieve HoekjeVeerle's Creatieve Hoekje