*** !! NEW !! ***

With some pride, I would like to introduce you to your unique loyalty program starting today.

From now on, all customers can build loyalty discounts both in the store, at hobby fairs and online orders. Instead of saving endless points, you get nice discount vouchers all year round on top of our competitive prices.

Request your customer card today. Do not hesitate to ask me for more explanation.

Dear customer, 

Welcome to "Veerle's creative corner". Design your own greeting cards! What started as a fun hobby, quickly became my passion. That passion, I would like to share with you. Therefore, you may contact me for workshops. The emphasis is on fun and creativity.

Because you probably also want to get started at home,  "Veerle's Creative Corner" provides also a basic range of known brands as well as for the more exclusive products and materials. This can be both during the workshop as well as through my webshop. This at a competitive price.

Take a look around and find out which products are used in the different workshops. You will also notice that example cards are regularly placed with the materials.

Have fun and find some inspiration and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

There are new products added daily. If you can not find something, feel free to contact me. Very likely I can send you the requested product.

Cordial greetings, signature-1